Online Article Directory Websites Should Have a Space Exploration Category – Technology Article

Online article writers could do a great service to the future of mankind by writing more science and space articles. Why? Well, because every time we do more space research we find applications and transfer technologies here on Earth to make our lives easier, more fulfilling, or safer. It is my contention that every online article writer should commit to writing 2 or more articles on space and post them online to get the main media primed and to take humankind to greater heights.Now then, online article directories would also have to pitch in and add categories for the inflow of new space articles. Indeed, there are two ways to look at this. (1) An article directory could be proactive in Space Technologies and make a totally new category “SPACE” and include:(1) Space Technologies
(2) Private Space Flight
(3) Space Exploration
(4) Science FictionOr, (2) online article directories could make it a sub-category could simply be added to the Education Category or Technology Category, as it could easily fall-in next to the Science “sub-category” and just call it; Space. If one of the top online article directories does this, then I will post 20 articles to each of the sub-categories in addition to any I already have sitting in other categories, yet where those articles have to do with mankind’s final frontier.Yes, I do believe if an online article directory “DID” choose the separate category strategy, that they would in fact draw-in new writers in that venue, and there would be a place for all of the new Private Space industry companies, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to post their articles too, and that could upgrade the status of the directory site which hosts 100s of thousands of articles.Also, remember Google is also heavy into supporting and funding such technologies too, which could possibly also increase rankings online in search engines. Definitely something to think about. Why do I suggest this you ask? Well, I recently noted, that I have about 50 more articles I am now in the process of writing on NEO research, space colonies, NASA astro-biology, private space flight, etc. – and yet, there is really no specific place for them at any of the online article directories, at least the top ranked ones that is.Internet Article Directories need to think ahead, as things progress, and it is an un-served niche, which would be easy to exploit and it would bring value to the reader and help the space industry, not to mention attract more students to math and science, which will help in the future of innovation world-wide. Think on it.